Super Heavy Duty Black/Silver Tarpaulin - Size 12m x 15m  Ref: STP8
Our Black / Silver Super Heavy Duty tarpaulins are heavy-weights at 270gsm. Boasting a tight 16x16 per sq inch weave count, along with chunky brass eyelets at 50cms intervals, this range of sturdy, durable covers are great for year round usages of all kinds.

Currently available in 8 sizes, the Black / Silver Super Heavy Duty Tarpaulin is a great option for projects where extra strength and durability is required. It is a popular product for a variety of uses, including industrial, agricultural and even as a simple roof cover. The dual colour provides an added advantage, recommending the sheet for uses where a black backdrop may be required, ie. in music or film sets. Furthermore, the silver underside works well as a sun reflector during the summer months.